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Bruce Schaller Schaller Consulting offers expertise in urban transportation policy to serve the goals of enhancing mobility, economic vitality, social equity, environmental sustainability and road safety. Established in 1998, Schaller Consulting specializes applying transit improvements, new mobility services, street design, traffic and fleet management and road and parking pricing to enhancing multi-modal urban transportation networks, with an emphasis on integrating public engagement and performance evaluation with program planning and implementation.

Bruce Schaller, Principal of Schaller Consulting, is a widely recognized expert in new mobility and for-hire services, public transit and urban traffic. He is the author of widely-cited reports assessing how new services such as Uber and Lyft have improved mobility and raised concerns about their impacts on traffic and transit in U.S. cities and developing prescriptions for public policy.

Mr. Schaller has consulted to government, for-profit and non-profit organizations throughout North America. Most recently, he served as Deputy Commissioner for Traffic and Planning at the New York City Department of Transportation, where he led the agency's widely-recognized innovations in street design, traffic management, parking policy, bus rapid transit and performance measurement. He also led NYCDOT's efforts on congestion pricing in 2007-08.

Mr. Schaller has been called "a prominent transportation expert" (New York Times), "a widely acknowledged expert" on issues related to taxis, Uber and Lyft (Politico) and a "nationally recognized expertĒ on for-hire transportation issues (Washington Post). Mr. Schaller has published extensively in peer-reviewed academic journals including Transport Policy, Transportation and the Journal of Public Transportation.

If you are interested in discussing your needs and potential projects, please contact Bruce Schaller at bruceschaller2 "at" Phone: 718-768-3487.

Key Publications

New Mobility: Present and Future

Recent reports exploring the cross-cutting issues that lie at the intersection of ride-hail and microtransit new mobility services, and traffic, transit and the future of urban transportation networks. The reports discuss how new mobility can contribute to the goals of public transit agencies, document TNC impacts on traffic and transit, analyze regulatory issues and address the path toward self-driving vehicles operating as shared taxi- and transit-like services.

Major reports and papers:

Recent articles, op-eds and presentations

Full listing of new mobility publications and presentations

Selected Published Papers

NYCDOT reports

Reports of general interest to the transportation community published under my direction at the New York City Department of Transportation from 2007 to 2014: