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Bruce Schaller Bruce Schaller is currently Principal of Schaller Consulting, specializing in transportation policy, economic and statistical analysis, performance metrics, public engagement and market research.

He served as Deputy Commissioner for Traffic and Planning (2012-14) at the New York City Department of Transportation and as the agency's first Deputy Commissioner for Planning and Sustainability (2007-11), providing senior executive leadership for development and implementation of DOT’s innovative, world-class programs for the safe, efficient and environmentally responsible movement of people and goods on the City's streets.

Accomplishments include:

  • Development of Vision Zero plan to eliminate traffic fatalities including safety redesigns of high crash corridors, lowered speed limits, and implementation of new speed camera program and neighborhood slow zones.
  • Implementation of seven new bus rapid transit (BRT) corridors in all five boroughs to speed bus travel and improve reliability.
  • Development of BRT master plan which identified candidates for future BRT corridors.
  • Citywide roll-out of Munimeters that accept credit and debit cards and enable more efficient meter collections and maintenance.
  • Development of new technologies on parking availability and traffic management.
  • Redesign of curb regulatory signage for simplicity and readability.
  • Expansion of state-of-the-art adaptive traffic signal control in Midtown Manhattan.
  • Implementation of peak-rate parking pricing pilots.
  • Comprehensive freight management strategy including off-peak delivery program, delivery windows, and changes to truck routes.
  • Development of extensive traffic simulation model covering Manhattan and immediately surrounding areas.
  • Merger to the Division of Planning and Sustainability with the Division of Traffic Planning, putting all street planning and project development under one division and creating a smoother and closely coordinated process for project development and implementation.
  • Publication of Sustainable Streets Index, Street Design Manual, Making Safer Streets and Measuring the Street reports, which highlight critical trends in transportation in the city; document the effects of DOT projects on traffic conditions, mobility, safety and economic benefits; and provide guidance for innovative street designs.
  • Development and institutionalization of community-based planning processes that include effective public engagement from project conception to implementation and led to successful projects with broad community support in diverse neighborhoods throughout the five boroughs.
  • Led response to Superstorm Sandy, including repair of traffic signals, signs and street lights and implementation of “bus bridge” with the MTA and NYPD to fill gap from closure of East River subway tunnels in the days immediately after the storm.

From 1998 to 2007, Mr. Schaller consulted for public, private and non-profit groups on transportation policy and operational issues. Clients included local governments and transit and airport authorities in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose, Austin, New Orleans, Laredo, Rochester (NY) and Ottawa, Canada and in the Los Angeles, Boston, Dallas and Washington DC areas. Non-profit and private sector clients include the Regional Plan Association, the Design Trust for Public Space, transit advocacy groups, international unions and major banks.

He has also worked for MTA New York City Transit, the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission and several other New York City agencies.

Bruce Schaller has been cited by the New York Times as "an expert on transportation." NY1 News called him "one of New York's foremost transportation experts." The Washington Post cited him as a "nationally recognized expert in the cab business." The Financial Times of London named his New York City Taxicab Fact Book the "indispensable" guide to the NYC taxicab industry.

Mr. Schaller is the author of numerous publications, including papers published in Transportation Policy, Transportation, Journal of Public Transportation, Transportation Quarterly, Transportation Research Record, Mass Transit and the New York Transportation Journal. He has presented his work at conferences held by the Transportation Research Board, American Public Transit Association, National Association of Transportation Officials, National Parking Association, Institute of Transportation Engineers, International Association of Transportation Regulators, International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association, International Transport Forum, ITS World Congress, and Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management.

Mr. Schaller has been quoted in publications throughout the country, including The New York Times, New Yorker, Wall Street Journal,Washington Post, New York Daily News, USA Today and City Journal.

He is currently serving as a member of the Transportation Research Board Committee for Study of Innovative Urban Mobility Services.

A 30-year resident of Brooklyn, Mr. Schaller has a Masters in Public Policy from the University of California at Berkeley and a BA from Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio.